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Mondays and Wednesdays 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Meeanee Memorial Hall.

Gavin Black Street, Meeanee, Napier 4112

About Meeanee Dojo

Welcome to Meeanee Dojo's Adults-Only Karate Class: Emphasising Traditional Karate, Fitness, Conditioning, and Competition Readiness

Embark on a transformative journey that merges the art of traditional karate with fitness, conditioning, and preparation for competition in Meeanee Dojo's exclusive adults-only karate class. This unique class is crafted for adults and mature older teens who are passionate about martial arts, offering a dedicated environment for deepening your karate practice while focusing on physical and mental strength.

Traditional Karate with a Contemporary Fitness and Competition Edge

Our programme is meticulously designed for adults, incorporating a robust curriculum that integrates traditional karate techniques with advanced fitness and conditioning methods. This blend ensures that all participants, regardless of their experience level, engage in a comprehensive training experience that not only respects the roots of martial arts but also prepares them for competitive environments.

The training goes beyond mere participation - it's about embodying the discipline and rigour of a competitor. Our focus on physical and mental conditioning is key, preparing those interested in competitions, and equally, ensuring every participant reaches their peak fitness level. You'll experience the full spectrum of martial arts benefits, with a special emphasis on traditional karate's rich heritage.

Tailoring Classes for Competitive Excellence and Advanced Traditional Karate Training

Meeanee Dojo's adults-only class distinguishes itself by its strong focus on competition readiness, coupled with deep traditional karate training. Our approach involves teaching advanced techniques and competition strategies, making our classes the ideal setting for those aspiring to excel in martial arts competitions.

There's no obligation to compete, but the training you'll receive is designed to help get you in the best shape of your life. You'll be training with the intensity and dedication of a competitor, focusing on both physical and mental conditioning. This approach not only prepares those interested in competition but also works to ensure that every participant achieves peak fitness and experiences the full benefits of martial arts training.

Seasoned Instructors: A Blend of Traditional Expertise and Competitive Acumen

Our dojo is proud to have instructors with extensive international competitive experience and a deep understanding of traditional karate. They offer individualised support and guidance, ensuring every session is a balanced mix of challenge and achievement. This blend of traditional expertise and competitive insight creates a supportive and thriving environment, ideal for adults and older teens.

Dedicated and Intensive Training Sessions

We conduct our classes every Monday and Wednesday evening from 7 to 8 pm. These sessions are exclusively reserved for adults and mature older teens, fostering a focused and sophisticated training atmosphere. Here, you can challenge your limits and grow alongside peers who share your commitment to martial arts.

Invitation to Join Meeanee Dojo's Elite Adults-Only Karate Class

Join us at Meeanee Dojo's adults-only karate class and start a journey of physical prowess, mental resilience, and mastery of traditional karate. Whether your aspirations are to compete, elevate your fitness, or delve deeper into karate techniques, our class is the ideal environment for you. Book your FREE trial classes today and step into a world where your martial arts and fitness ambitions are met with the utmost support and understanding.


Book your FREE trial classes today, and take your first steps into a bigger world.

06 845 0292

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