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Combat Fit


Mondays and Wednesdays 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Meeanee Memorial Hall.

Gavin Black Street, Meeanee, Napier 4112

About Combat Fit

Welcome to Combat Fit: An Exclusive Fitness Class for Adults

Dive into a dynamic fitness journey that blends the intensity of martial arts with comprehensive fitness training in our unique Combat Fit class, specially designed for adults. This class provides a welcoming, supportive, and challenging environment for individuals of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. Whether you're beginning your fitness journey from the couch or you're already immersed in a healthy lifestyle, Combat Fit offers an unparalleled opportunity to push your limits further. Don't worry, in Combat Fit, you won't get punched in the face or kicked in the head.

Martial Arts Meets Modern Fitness: A Unique Training Experience

Our programme stands out by integrating actual martial arts techniques taught by experienced martial artists who compete at a high level. These aren't just any instructors; they're professionals who truly understand the essence of engaging in combat sports, offering insights that transcend ordinary gym group fitness or personal training sessions. This fusion of authentic martial arts and fitness training ensures a holistic workout experience that caters to both beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts, allowing everyone to thrive and improve their physical condition and mental resilience.

Personalised Training in a Supportive and Empowering Environment

Combat Fit is distinguished by its focus on providing a safe, supportive, and stimulating setting where adults of all fitness levels can excel. Our classes are designed not just for physical improvement but for instilling the confidence and discipline that come from martial arts training. The curriculum is tailored to encourage personal growth, endurance, and the development of martial arts skills in a non-competitive, cooperative environment.

Expert Instructors: Real Fighters, Real Techniques

Our team consists of highly skilled martial artists with extensive competitive backgrounds, ready to share their expertise and passion for fitness and martial arts. They offer personalised attention, ensuring each session challenges you appropriately, balancing physical exertion with achievements in technique and stamina. This unique combination of expertise creates a vibrant atmosphere where every participant can achieve their fitness and martial arts goals.

Comprehensive and Engaging Fitness Classes

Sessions are held every Monday and Wednesday evening from 7 to 8:00 pm, providing an exclusive opportunity for adults to engage in a rigorous yet rewarding fitness regime. These classes are reserved for adults looking to break away from conventional workouts, offering a chance to immerse in a fitness experience that stimulates both body and mind.

Join Our Combat Fit Classes Today

Embrace the challenge with Combat Fit and embark on a fitness journey that transcends traditional workout routines. Whether your goal is to enhance your overall health, learn martial arts from competitive fighters, or simply enjoy a new kind of fitness class, Combat Fit is ready to welcome you.


Book your FREE trial class today and experience a workout that's as mentally engaging as it is physically demanding.


Book your FREE trial classes today, and take your first steps into a bigger world.

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