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About Us

Our Dojo, Our Organisations, Our People

Learn Karate, established in 2000 in New Zealand, offers authentic Karate training in a welcoming environment for all ages and abilities. It features diverse classes, including "Adults Only Classes" and a "Women's Only" class for a secure learning space. With traditional Karate classes across multiple locations, Learn Karate caters to both beginners and advanced students.

Learn Karate organises seminars, camps, and competitions, and actively participates in tournaments in New Zealand, Australia, and at the highest international levels including Japan. This involvement demonstrates our commitment to providing comprehensive training experiences and showcasing our expertise on various global platforms.


Learn Karate dojo and its members are affiliated to the

World Karate Organisation Shinkyokushinkai (WKO)

the largest full-contact karate organisation in the world.


Our Organisations: WKO and KNZ

The World Karate Organisation (WKO) Shinkyokushinkai, established in 1956, is dedicated to the tradition of Kyokushin Karate. Its core philosophy is to "master our mind", focusing on youth development, societal contribution, and international exchange.


The WKO nurtures children, teaching them to balance kindness and strength, and offers a welcoming environment for all ages and genders. Internationally, it organises events to share Japan's Budo spirit, promoting cultural and personal exchanges. Its social contributions include charity activities like blood donations and support for the Marrow Donor Programme, emphasising a commitment to societal wellbeing and global peace.

KNZ, recognised by Sport NZ and the World Karate Federation, serves as the governing body for karate in New Zealand, operating as a voluntary, non-profit organisation. It is committed to promoting karate for all New Zealanders across traditional and sports disciplines at various levels. KNZ hosts seminars, coaching clinics, training camps, and tournaments at regional and national levels to improve skills and participation in sport karate. Furthermore, KNZ maintains affiliations with national and international bodies to support grassroots karate and elite athletes competing at the highest levels.

Our People - Active Black Belts

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